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A home in the Scottish highlands that has received a quality refurbishment to their walls and windows at an affordable price.
LTI TransformationsApr 16, 2024 10:00:00 AM2 min read

How Refurbishments Offer Quality Upgrades At Affordable Prices

A home in the Scottish highlands that has received a quality refurbishment to their walls and windows at an affordable price.

Our homes shield us from the Scottish elements, repelling rain, wind and UV light day after day. Over time this can take its toll which is why we need to spend time, effort and money on looking after the bricks and mortar we call home. It is a fair deal for all the protection they offer us.

However, when it comes to exterior walls and surfaces, the dilemma can be choosing whether to refurbish or replace. There are many considerations that will affect your decision, so it’s worth taking a closer look below. Depending on your circumstances, it may be cheaper and more efficient refurbishing homes than replacing elements entirely, with modern materials offering the aesthetic upgrade you’re really looking for at a fraction of the cost. 


Your decision of whether to refurbish or replace will largely depend on the existing condition of structures and facades. If walls are suffering from cracks, roofs are looking tired and in need of repair of windows suffering from sun damage, then exterior refurbishment is generally the most cost efficient and environmentally friendly option. However, larger structural issues may require a more comprehensive refit. 


Refurbishing a house on a budget rather than replacing is almost always the most cost-effective option. Replacing materials can be very expensive and also leads to increased wastage. You may also need to lay out additional money for disposing of materials, skip hire and other assorted extras. Using more sustainable and cheaper refurbishing products not only guarantees a great finish but is much cheaper too. 

Refurbishments also allow you to ensure that quality materials are being used. This will save you money in the long run. LTI provides a minimum 10-year warranty so you know your house will be protected in years to come, making refurbishing a house well worth it. 

Efficiency & Waste

As mentioned above, replacing materials is not only costly but also leads to a large amount of wastage. Old materials need to be removed, and new ones transported and put in place. All of which increases the carbon footprint and fuel consumption of any job. By choosing to refurbish you keep much of the existing structure, using much smaller amounts of materials to improve and enhance existing structures. 


Making any sort of improvement to your home involves a certain amount of disruption. Living with the dust and confusion of a construction site can be difficult at best, and perhaps even prohibitive. Choosing to refurbish instead of replacing or rebuilding will really minimise the disruption and keep project timeframes to an absolute minimum.

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