Expert Exterior Wall Coatings in Glasgow

When it comes to protecting your home, one of the most impactful and cost-effective steps is to opt for an exterior wall coating.

By applying a high-quality all-weather application that's waterproof, self-cleaning and maintenance-free, you can transform the exterior of your home or workplace. We've been providing wall coatings in Glasgow for many years, achieving the highest quality finish at a competitive price.

Modernise your home with a wall coating that lasts!

As one of the leading providers of exterior wall coatings in Glasgow, we've worked on properties of all shapes, sizes and eras. From small cottages on the outskirts of the city to high-rise apartments, listed buildings and Victorian semi-detached homes, we can deliver a finish that serves you well for years to come with:

  • A high-quality finish in a complimentary colour
  • Excellent protection against water penetration
  • No cracks thanks to our breathable and flexible wall coating
  • A touch more insulation to help improve the energy efficiency of your home

We only use the highest quality products on the market, ensuring that your wall coating will withstand the often harsh and unpredictable Glasgow weather conditions.




lti transformation roof and wall refurbishment


Extremely Flexible


Extremely flexible will accommodate moment and hairline cracks. Allowing render to expand and contract without damage to the surface. Tested in accordance with, and approved by, DAKKS and ISO 9001

Highly Breathable


Coating has a micro-porous skin not visible to the eye but will allow air molecules to pass through providing the masonry with adequate ventilation. Tested in accordance with DIN EN ISO 7783 part two

Water & Dirt Resistant

Water Resistant

Water is unable to penetrate the coating. The addition of silicone resins and siline improves resistance to dirt build up. When tested in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1062-3


Protective In Harsh Conditions


Coating can withstand sub zero conditions, not uncommon in this Scottish climate. Lab tested.

Colour Fast/UV Protection

Colour Stability

Light-fast pigments of the highest quality are used in coating ensuring good colour stability on exposure to sunlight. Lab tested.

Highly Durable


A blend of high quality acrylics and resins are used within the coating to ensure high durability providing longevity. Lab tested.


Why choose LTI Transformations?

As a family-run business with a team of 32 highly skilled people, we're capable of completing each exterior wall coating quickly and efficiently, no matter the size of your building. After we've conducted our initial on-site survey, we can assess accessibility and the scope of work to give you an accurate quotation.

The transformation begins with A complete wash down, WITH biocide treatment applied to create a clean surface. Once complete, we check the render to identify any defects that may require repairing. Once any repairs are done, the next step is to mask your windows, doors and other fixtures before applying the coating. We use at least two coatings to ensure outstanding protection against the elements.

Our goal is not only to deliver the unrivalled protection your property requires to remain in top condition. We also want to do so in a way that doesn't disrupt your life, so we always aim to be as unobtrusive as possible.

lti transformation roof and wall refurbishment



Benefits of an External Wall Coating

Workmanship you can trust

Exterior wall coatings serve two main purposes: protecting your property and enhancing its appearance.
Here are some of the reasons why our services might be right for your property:


Weather protection

This is very important in Scotland where weather can be highly changeable. Applying a quality exterior wall coating gives your property all-over protection from damage that could be caused by harsh weather conditions.

A high-quality finish

We apply your wall coating with care and attention, using our experience to achieve the perfect finish for your property. We have well-established links with our suppliers and use leading products in the field.

A range of colours

Choose from a range of colours for your wall coating to give you more control over the appearance of your home.

Protection against water penetration

Wall coatings will prevent water penetration, which could otherwise cause problems both inside and out. In the most serious cases, the foundation and structure of the property can be affected. The application of a wall coating will give you protection and peace of mind.

Additional insulation

Some types of wall coating can also provide extra insulation to improve the energy efficiency of your property. We will be happy to talk you through the various options.

Breathable and flexible

This helps to keep the wall coating in good condition so it won’t crack or become damaged.


When we carry out wall coating, our work is guaranteed for 15 years.


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How can exterior wall coatings in Glasgow add value to homes?

As well as protecting your property from the rigours of the Scottish weather, exterior wall coatings can also add value to your home. If you're considering selling up and moving soon, a brand-new looking façade can make all the difference when it comes to first impressions.

What's more, our exterior wall coatings in Glasgow and surrounding areas boost the energy efficiency of your property, meaning you could see reduced energy bills. If you'd like to learn more about us, our service or our latest projects in your local area, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team today on 0800 771 0097. You can also request a free quote from us online, whilst you'll discover a packed portfolio of caste studies and testimonials from happy customers.

lti transformation roof and wall refurbishment


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External Wall Coatings in Glasgow: OUR SIX-STEP FORMULA FOR SUCCESS

Six key steps must be actioned correctly to deliver an outstanding external wall coating that will serve you well for decades, and we've touched on each of these below.



To execute a safe, competent and effective installation, inspections are conducted before work begins to assess accessibility and the scope of work.


After a complete wash down, biocide treatment is applied to create a clean surface to work with whilst ensuring a firm bond between render and coating.


Once clean, the installer must inspect the render to identify any defects that will require repairs upon return.



Before applying the coating, all necessary repairs are completed to ensure that the property is in good shape.


We'll mask up your windows, doors and anything non-masonry related. Our installation team will also ensure your ground area is covered with protective sheets.


We use cutting-edge airless spray equipment to create a coating with unrivalled accuracy and precision. A minimumof two coats are applied to ensure your property's porous surface is well protected.




LTI Transformations is a family-run business with a team of 32 highly skilled people who share a wealth of experience and knowledge in the industry. If you're looking to improve your home and maximise protection against harsh and unpredictable weather with external wall coatings in Glasgow, we're here to help. You can get a quote by sending us a message or calling our friendly team on 0800 771 0097.



What Our Customers Think

Professionalism, experience & efficiency you can trust

"Upon seeing a picture of a before and after in the brochure I thought it looked too good to be true, but it wasnt, it looked exactly as it did in the photographs"

Margaret Margetts
South Lanarkshire

"It wasn't a touch up job, it was a thorough job. The installation team were very organised and tidy, you would never have even known they were there. After getting my roof done, I was so impressed I invited LTI to do my walls as well"

North Lanarkshire



Exterior Wall Refurbishment completed in:

Rose Blush & Chocolate Brown (sills, stair edges and coping stones)


Roof & Exterior Wall Refurbishment completed in:
Quarry (Walls)
Charcoal (Roof, Contrasts, Steps)


Roof Refurbishment completed in:
Caledonian Red


UPVC Refurbishment completed in:


Roof & Exterior Wall Refurbishment completed in:
Quarry (Walls) & Slate Grey (Roof, Bricks and Sills)


Roof & Exterior Wall Refurbishment completed in:
Quarry (Walls)
Charcoal (Roof, Chimney Breast & Bricks)


Roof & Exterior Wall Refurbishment completed in:
Polar White (Walls) & Charcoal (Roof, Sills & Brickwork)


UPVC Refurbishment completed in:


Roof Refurbishment completed in:



Roof & Exterior Wall Refurbishment completed in:
Polar White (Walls) & Chocolate (Sills, Bricks, Roof)


Roof Refurbishment completed in:


UPVC Refurbishment completed in:

North Fife

Exterior Wall Refurbishment completed in:
Polar White (Walls)


Exterior Wall Refurbishment completed in:
Parchment (Walls) & Red (Contrasts, Sills)


Complete Home Refurbishment
Quarry (Walls)
Charcoal (Roof, window frames, chimney)
Anthracite (UPVC)


Exterior Wall Refurbishment completed in:
Quarry & Slate Grey (Sills)


Roof Refurbishment completed in:
Slate Grey


Exterior Wall Refurbishment completed in:
Polar White & Slate Grey