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A house that has undergone a significant transformation, shifting from old roughcast exterior walls to a sleek, modernised facade.
LTI TransformationsApr 23, 2024 10:00:00 AM2 min read

Smooth Transitions: Why Wall Refurbishment Outshines Roughcast

A house that has undergone a significant transformation, shifting from old roughcast exterior walls to a sleek, modernised facade.

Roughcast render has long been a popular choice for exterior walls in Scotland. Tough, durable and able to withstand rain, wind and snow, it’s easy to see why the technique was used on properties across the country.
However, roughcast render has some serious issues. It is prone to cracking in extreme temperatures and can look a little dated when compared to modern materials. If your home is currently covered in roughcast that’s seen better days, a refurbishment could be the answer. Quick, easy and incredibly effective, a refurbishment can revive your home and help you create the property of your dreams.  


One of the main problems with roughcast render is that it’s inflexible. So, if significant temperature changes cause your walls to expand and contract, it can result in cracks appearing on your roughcast render. This can make your property look old and tired before its time and have a real effect on its curb appeal.
Our wall refurbishment process makes use of flexible materials. This means that once the work is complete, your home's walls will withstand even the most extreme weather conditions without signs of cracking!

Repair & Refurbish

Wall refurbishment provides the perfect opportunity to repair your existing external walls. Before the treatment is applied to your walls, the masonry will be cleaned, bio-cided and repaired (if required) to ensure they are ready for the coating process. A breathable coating will then be used to upgrade the look of your property and properly protect your exterior walls. Creating a modern, breathable wall surface will help to prevent damp development in your home and extend the lifespan of your property.

Uncover Hidden Issues

Unfortunately, roughcast render was commonly used to hide poor workmanship so was often applied to outbuildings and other properties that may not have been built to the highest standard. Refurbishing your walls gives you the perfect chance to uncover these hidden issues before they become serious problems. Allowing you to restore your home and give it the solid foundation it deserves.

A New Contemporary Look

A modern wall refurbishment can totally transform the look of your home. During the process, damaged areas will be repaired and a whole new finish applied. So, as well as being breathable, flexible, thermally efficient and guaranteed for 15 years, your newly finished walls will look as good as new.
If your exterior walls are looking damaged, tired and past their best, a high-quality wall refurbishment could be just what the house doctor ordered. Experience the elegance and long lasting protection of modern refurbished walls with LTI Transformations!

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