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Welcome to LTI Transformations

Professional house exterior refurbishment throughout Scotland

At Lti Transformations we specialise in the refurbishment of roof tiles and exterior wall renders. These are the two areas of a property that can be prone to damage from Scotland's adverse weather conditions. Roof tiles and exterior wall renderings usually require ongoing maintenance and eventually full renewal. This is both costly and time-consuming, but there is a viable alternative.

Refurbishing with Lti Transformations not only saves time and money but provides your home with instant curb appeal. We transform homes across Glasgow, Dundee, Dunfermline, Edinburgh, Falkirk, and throughout Scotland.  We also regularly undertake UPVC window and whole house refurbishments with our very smart and responsive project management which can save you money and greatly reduce stress.

A Question For Every Homeowner, Renew Or Refurbish?

As a homeowner, you’re facing a balancing act, what’s in my price range? How long will it last? Essentially, what’s the “best” choice for you and your home?




Lots Of Waste

Removal of all old material can cause skips
worth of waste that needs disposal

Time Taken

Removing everything and starting again,
takes a lot more time and energy


Full replacement is expensive and wasteful, other options like over casting or using masonry paint,
can be cheap initially, but not long term.

Big Job

This is a big job, there will be skips for waste, trucks for equipment and product - all adding to CO2 emissions. This is not as eco or sustainable.




Less Waste

Less waste -
it’s much more economical


It takes less time! Instead of having to remove everything, we can use a targeted approach

Cheaper Long Term

You want to have something that lasts, our
products and processes offer that -
plus a 15yr guarantee!


We use less product, create less waste and we don’t need as many vehicles/mass product to achieve it.

Our Wide Range of Services

Relieving you of stress with our quick, professional & efficient processes

Roof Refurbishment

Restore and protect, don’t waste

Our roof tile refurbishment techniques enable us to protect and restore most roofs, rather than having to fully replace them. Renovating your roof tiles can be much more cost and time effective.

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Wall Refurbishment

Rejuvenation to the core

It’s time for your walls to have some maintenance, but you're dreading the mess and the expense. Our modern and efficient wall refurbishment provides you with added breathable protection, affordably.

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Our Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Systems

Benefits of LTI's Water-Based System



Once sealed with a waterproof coating the surface is protected from moisture

Self Cleaning

Coating has a mixture of silicon resin/saline to resist against dirt build up


The acrylic content within the coating expands and retracts freely without cracking


Coating is Classed as ‘Highly Breathable’ when tested in accordance with DIN EN ISO 7783 allowing adequate ventilation

Available in Various Colours

Wall Refurbishment

Our wall refurbishment comes in 16 different finishes

Roof Refurbishment

Our roof tile refurbishment comes in 7 different finishes

Try out our Visualiser



Try out our range of UPVC colours, see what will add that finishing touch to your home.

Wall Coatings

Test the colour choices for your walls, before they get coated! Make sure you are happy before you even book us.

Roof Colour

Our range of roof colours offer a lovely finish for any home whilst also giving you added protection. Test it here.

Your experience comes first

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What Our Customers Think

Professionalism, experience & efficiency you can trust

"Upon seeing a picture of a before and after in the brochure I thought it looked too good to be true, but it wasnt, it looked exactly as it did in the photographs"

Margaret Margetts
South Lanarkshire

"It wasn't a touch up job, it was a thorough job. The installation team were very organised and tidy, you would never have even known they were there. After getting my roof done, I was so impressed I invited LTI to do my walls as well"

North Lanarkshire


Exterior Wall Refurbishment completed in:

Rose Blush & Chocolate Brown (sills, stair edges and coping stones)


Roof & Exterior Wall Refurbishment completed in:
Quarry (Walls)
Charcoal (Roof, Contrasts, Steps)


Roof Refurbishment completed in:
Caledonian Red


UPVC Refurbishment completed in:


Roof & Exterior Wall Refurbishment completed in:
Quarry (Walls) & Slate Grey (Roof, Bricks and Sills)


Roof & Exterior Wall Refurbishment completed in:
Quarry (Walls)
Charcoal (Roof, Chimney Breast & Bricks)


Roof & Exterior Wall Refurbishment completed in:
Polar White (Walls) & Charcoal (Roof, Sills & Brickwork)


UPVC Refurbishment completed in:


Roof Refurbishment completed in:



Roof & Exterior Wall Refurbishment completed in:
Polar White (Walls) & Chocolate (Sills, Bricks, Roof)


Roof Refurbishment completed in:


UPVC Refurbishment completed in:

North Fife

Exterior Wall Refurbishment completed in:
Polar White (Walls)


Exterior Wall Refurbishment completed in:
Parchment (Walls) & Red (Contrasts, Sills)


Complete Home Refurbishment
Quarry (Walls)
Charcoal (Roof, window frames, chimney)
Anthracite (UPVC)


Exterior Wall Refurbishment completed in:
Quarry & Slate Grey (Sills)


Roof Refurbishment completed in:
Slate Grey


Exterior Wall Refurbishment completed in:
Polar White & Slate Grey

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered some popular questions together to help you in your decision to choose us.
If you have another, that is not answered below, please just get in touch.

  • What areas do you cover?

    We cover the the whole of main land Scotland for areas outside of this please get in touch to see if we can assist you

  • How long does the average installation take?

    Transformations usually take around 2/3 (non cosecutive)  but can take long depending on the requirments please get in touch for a more accurate timeline for your project 

  • What colours are available?

    We have a wide range of in house colours to choose from, we can also create custom colours upon your request 

  • Is the use of scaffolding required?

    Most projects are completed without the requirment for scaffolding as we use special equipment that applys coating through a light weight gun via long reach hoses in most occasions scaffolding is used for stability when handling heavy materials the only exception to this is hard/restricted to access areas where we utilise our light weight tower systems.

  • How much does it cost?

    Each project is unique in size, repairs required and products required  please get in-touch to arrange for one of our team to visit for a property survey/inspection along with a free quotation tailored to your needs   

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