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Benefits of External Wall Coating
LTI TransformationsOct 25, 2021 6:13:00 PM2 min read

Benefits of External Wall Coating


Exterior wall coatings are a simple way to upgrade the appearance of your property while giving it added protection as well. They prove to be excellent value for money for many different homes – here, you can learn about the various benefits of exterior wall coatings and find out whether they are the right choice for you.



External wall coatings are a modern alternative to painting the outside of a home. They come in a range of colours and can be applied directly to the exterior of a property, bringing many benefits including weatherproofing, waterproofing and insulation, as well as covering existing imperfections.

External wall coatings might also be known as masonry coatings, textured coatings and exterior wall coverings. They should not be confused with render, though they can be used to cover over blemishes on existing render. Depending on their condition, walls may require repairs before the wall coating is applied.


If you want to know more about the benefits of external wall coatings, these are some of the top ones to consider:

Upgraded appearance 

The application of an external wall coating is designed to upgrade and enhance the appearance of your property, covering over existing blemishes and giving your home a modern, refreshed look and a new lease of life. Wall coverings come in a variety of colours and don’t require additional painting.

Protection against the weather

A wall coating adds another layer of protection to the exterior of your property, protecting it from damage during harsh weather conditions.

Protection against damp

Exterior wall coatings protect a property from damp penetration, which can lead to serious problems over time if left untreated, including structural issues.

Extra insulation

Some of our wall coatings enhance insulation to make a property more energy efficient. Please ask us for more details if this is something that interests you.
This one is very important as a non-flexible wall covering is likely to crack. Exterior wall coatings can expand and contract with the property so that they won’t crack.

Excellent value for money

Wall coatings can improve the appearance and value of your property. They also prevent a multitude of issues, like damp penetration and damage from harsh weather conditions.

House with wall professionally painted with waterproof coating in white scotland


We use products from leading suppliers, which are high quality and long lasting so you can rely on them for many years to come. We have a skilled, knowledgeable team who will ensure a professional application of your wall coating. 

These are some of the top reasons to choose us for external wall coating services:

  • Excellent Trustpilot rating
  • Coverage across Scotland
  • Quality products
  • Skilled professionals
  • House with wall professionally painted with waterproof coating in white scotland

If you would like to know more about the benefits of external wall coatings and find out whether they will be the right choice for your property, please get in touch. Our team will be happy to help and advise you. 

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