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A house in Scotland freshly rejuvenated with its UPVC windows expertly sprayed, giving them a vibrant, brand-new appearance.
LTI TransformationsMay 22, 2024 11:57:00 AM2 min read

How To Revive Your UPVC Windows With The Magic Of Respraying

A house in Scotland freshly rejuvenated with its UPVC windows expertly sprayed, giving them a vibrant, brand-new appearance.

If your uPVC windows have started looking a little tired, you may well be thinking about replacing them. New windows can have a huge impact on the look of a property and could see the value of your home rise considerably.

However, new windows are very expensive. And if you’re just replacing them because they look old – rather than are broken or leaking – then investing in a whole new set could be a waste of money. Instead, you can revive your existing windows with a respray. Fast, efficient and stylish, respraying is a fantastic alternative to buying new windows and will bring a little magic to the outside of your home.

The Problem With UPVC

When they’re first installed, uPVC windows look fantastic. Clean, bright and fresh, they can rejuvenate the façade of your home and give your property a whole new look.

After a few years however, uPVC can begin to fade. Sunlight can do a lot of damage to your window frames, turning white windows yellow and causing coloured uPVC to fade. This bleaching effect is caused by the UV rays in sunlight, and is something that’s guaranteed to happen over time.

UV Protection

By opting for a uPVC window respray, you can safeguard them against the harmful effects of UV rays. The application of robust and long-lasting paint during the respraying process ensures resistance to UV damage, allowing the colours to retain their vibrancy for an extended period. As a result, your windows will maintain a pristine appearance, akin to their original state, for years to come.

Money Saving

If you’re looking to respray uPVC windows, cost is always going to be an important factor. Respraying your tired uPVC windows will give them a whole new lease of life so you won’t have to splash out on new windows and could instead save yourself thousands of pounds. What’s more, respray uPVC windows and your home will get a brand new look, transforming its curb appeal, adding value and giving you a property to be proud of.

Eye-Catching Colour

Standard UPVC colour windows come in a fairly limited range of shades. Respray colours however are incredibly varied, so you can select a tone that’s totally unique to you. Choose from a huge selection of colours to personalise your home and make it stand out from the crowd. At LTI, we can even colour-match your perfect shade to ensure it’s just right.

Respraying your tired uPVC windows will help them last long and look better. A fantastic way to save money, cut down your carbon footprint and give your home even more personality, a respray could be just what you’re looking for.

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