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A Scottish house that has undergone a full house external refurbishment demonstrating the effectiveness of thorough exterior maintenance in preserving the structure's integrity and longevity.
LTI TransformationsMay 14, 2024 11:56:00 AM2 min read

A Superior Choice: Why A Full House External Refurbishment Makes Sense

A Scottish house that has undergone a full house external refurbishment preserving the structure's integrity and longevity.

Do your windows look a little worse for wear? Is your roof showing signs of algae or discolouration? And have your walls been well and truly battered by the great Scottish weather? If you feel your home is no longer looking its best, we can help. Our expert team can renovate and rejuvenate your entire exterior, giving you a home that’s weather resistant, eco-friendly and attractive, all for a fraction of the price of full-on construction work.

If you’re still on the fence about giving your home a facelift, here are just some of the many reasons a full exterior refurbishment makes perfect sense.

Completely Transform Your Home’s Exterior

Whether you’ve fallen out of love with the look of your property, or you were never too keen on its exterior in the first place, a full home refurbishment is a great way to achieve the style you’ve been dreaming of.

Opting for a full house refurbishment lets you dramatically improve the exterior of your property quickly and easily. By giving your roof a deep clean, changing the colour of your windows and updating the finish on your walls, you can totally transform your property, taking it from run-of-the-mill to contemporary cool in no time.

Prevent Future Problems

As well as improving the aesthetics of your property, a full renovation will significantly improve its condition. By getting all of these jobs done at the same time, you can reduce the risk of structural damage and replace old materials with more durable alternatives. Addressing these issues now, before they become serious, will help you prevent future problems and protect your property, saving you time and energy in the long run.

Reduce Stress And Save Money

When planning a full house refurbishment cost and disruption are two important considerations. When you work with LTI, we’ll provide you with smart and responsive project management. Our management approach will help your project to run smoothly and take all the stress out of renovating your home. Making the process quick and efficient will also help to minimise costs and save you money.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Refurbishing a property is a lot kinder on the environment than a full renovation. For a start, you won’t be throwing away materials that still have a lot of life left in them. Instead, you’ll be reusing your existing roof, walls and windows, making them more durable and more stylish.

You also won’t consume as many materials during the renovation process. Refurbishment requires less transportation of products, fewer vehicles and less waste, making your project less disruptive for you and kinder on the environment.   

Want to find out why a full house external refurbishment is the smartest decision for your home? Make the superior choice with LTI Transformations today!