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How to Choose a Reliable uPVC Window and Door Service Provider in Scotland
LTI TransformationsJul 21, 2023 3:27:00 PM2 min read

How to Choose a Reliable uPVC Window and Door Service Provider in Scotland


When windows and doors show signs of ageing, it can be more cost effective to get them serviced and refurbished than it is to replace them. 

UPVC in particular is a highly durable material that will last for many years, so improving rather than replacing is often the way to go. How do you choose the right company for the task? Here’s a quick guide to choosing the right service provider for windows and doors in Scotland.

  • Research the company’s reputation. Look on review sites and check the company’s overall scores from other customers – this is one of the most reliable ways to find out about the quality of their work. Reviews can also tell you about customer service and experience so you know what to expect before even contacting a company.
  • Find out the options the service provider can offer. One of the main benefits of spraying and refurbishing uPVC is that it gives you the opportunity to personalise your home. Check what colours you can choose from and make sure the finish will be right for your property. If you are not refurbishing all doors and windows, ensure the colour options will match the existing ones.
  • Look at previous examples of their work. A reputable window and door service provider will be happy to show you the quality of their work and will have examples they can share. The company’s website is a good starting point. Look for photo galleries and case studies that will reveal the quality of their work and demonstrate their experience.
  • Ask around. If someone you know has had a window or door refurbishment completed, ask them about their service provider and whether they would be happy to recommend them. Ask for all the details, including the customer service aspects – the right service provider will ensure the process runs smoothly for you, as well as doing quality work.
  • Check the company is qualified for the task in hand. Remember that refurbishments are very different to installations – make sure the company you choose is a specialist in their field and can offer you the exact service you require.
  • Talk to the service provider. You can only get a true feel for what the process will be like by speaking to the service provider. Make sure you meet them in person first to find out what refurbishment will entail directly from their team.

Talk to us about quality refurbishments for windows and doors in Scotland. Refurbishment is cost effective, environmentally friendly and can increase the value of your property. Call 0800 771 0097, email or request a quote.