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Benefits of uPVC Windows and Doors
LTI TransformationsMar 31, 2023 3:47:00 PM2 min read

Benefits of uPVC Windows and Doors


Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, or uPVC, is one of the most popular materials for windows and doors in the UK. 

– so why has uPVC stood the test of time? Here are some of the key benefits to uPVC windows and doors, helping you make an informed choice for your property.

  1. Highly durable. uPVC is a long-lasting material and can resist harsh weather conditions without suffering adverse effects such as rot, corrosion or damage – it can easily last for decades without visible signs of ageing. This material is often chosen in locations near the sea because salt can damage other materials like timber. Window and door frames made of uPVC can also have a UV protective coating applied, protecting them from sun exposure and preventing them from fading.
  2. Low maintenance. As well as being highly durable, uPVC windows and doors don’t need a lot of maintenance to keep them in good condition. Wood will need to be carefully looked after including sanding, treating and painting, whereas uPVC simply needs to be wiped clean.
  3. Well insulated. uPVC windows and doors offer excellent thermal efficiency, helping to keep properties a consistent temperature and reducing energy bills. Heat loss is minimised due to uPVC’s low thermal conductivity, meaning that heat doesn’t escape easily. uPVC is more energy efficient than other window and door materials, making it a popular choice to save energy.
  4. Safe and secure. Window and door frames that are made from uPVC are lightweight yet strong, helping to make them secure. Most uPVC doors are designed to withstand force from tools or crowbars, plus the appearance of new, modern doors and windows will act as a deterrent to criminals trying to gain entry. uPVC is also a fire-rated material and will help to stop the spread of fire.
  5. Modern and attractive. Choose from doors and windows in a variety of colours and designs, including finishes such as a woodgrain effect. uPVC can provide a modern or traditional finish to suit any aesthetic for properties of all ages.
  6. Excellent value. uPVC is lower cost than wood, aluminium and other materials, making new doors and windows more affordable. As well as the lower price point, uPVC doors and windows have a long lifespan, making them excellent value for money.
  7. Soundproof. Choosing uPVC can help to limit external noise thanks to the material’s superior soundproofing qualities.

All in all, uPVC offers a multitude of benefits for any property and is a great choice for windows and doors. If you would like to know more about uPVC windows and doors or you’d like to refurbish your existing ones, please get in touch with Lti Transformations.